A generous, full-bodied dry red wine, which is fruity and sapid, made by vinifying the best grapes grown on some of our old vineyards. It is a very-well structured, strong wine, full of aromas and flavours. Fine for serving throughout a meal, it goes well with very many foods, from cold meats to first courses, white meats and cheeses.

Town: Treiso.
Solar Exposure: South, South-west.
Vine: Barbera.
Breeding kind: Arched-cane Guyot system.
Wine making: The scrupulously selected grapes are picked when they are fully ripe, and the vinification is begun immediately. The must ferments on the skins in special tanks for at least 1 0 days at a temperature of approx. 29° C. The malolactic fermentation is carefully developed immediately after racking. Several months in small oak barrels give the wine great balance and an interestingly austere style.

Colour: Deep purplish red with delicate shades of garnet.
Fragrance: Vinous and fruity, characteristic, very full and persistent.
Taste: Dry and well-balanced with a nice acid content, it features a fine structure and great personality.
Surface: 1,30 Ha.
Power of Wine for hectare: 65,00 Hl